Bristol Palin Ranks High on Levi Johnston’s Finger

Bristol Palin, daughter of Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, has one classy babydaddy.

Despite 18-year-old Levi Johnston’s MySpace page saying “I don’t want kids,” the Alaskan hockey player stepped up to the puck and sat next to 17-year-old Bristol at the Republican National Convention.

And in full view of the United States GOP was the tattoo bearing Bristol’s name on Levi’s ring finger.

This truly is a sign that they’re gonna be together forever!

Get a good look at Levi here. He resembles a younger Balthazar Getty—yet another fella who’s gone poking around the wrong places at the most inopportune times.

And Balthazar also commemorated his undying commitment to the mother of his children with a tattoo of her name—but over his straying heart!