Cameron Diaz Rubs It in Aniston’s Face

Who does Cameron Diaz think she is, Kimberly Stewart?

Diaz hit up the US Open tennis tournament with British model Paul Sculfor, probably best known for his brief relationship with Friends-ter Jennifer Aniston. The There’s Something About Mary star couldn’t stop pawing the limey glamour-puss. Is this an attempt to rub salt into the wounds of the recently single Aniston’s broken heart via the paparazzi’s lenses?

Apparently it’s not enough for the self-admittedly hyper-sexed Diaz to tear through the entire male half of show business, and to make a seeming play for Hollywood’s sapphic sector as well.

No, she has to very visibly take one of Jennifer Aniston’s rebound options off the table while she’s at it.

Careful, Cammie; Aniston may put on a convincingly happy face, but you really don’t want to get on her bad side.