David Spade: Droll Daddy

E! is reporting that a DNA test has proven that unhappy birthday boy David Spade is indeed the father of Playboy Playmate and Miss March 2005 Jillian Grace’s newborn daughter.

Grace, who had a brief fling with Spade, announced she was carrying Spade’s child in January and gave birth on August 26.

Spade was initially doubtful about the paternity.

“If it is true that I am the father of her child, then I will accept responsibility,” he said at the time.

His rep says that the baby is his, and he’s there for his new babymama.

“David and Jillian have been in close contact throughout her pregnancy and he plans to go see the baby during his first break from shooting Rules of Engagement,” his publicist stated.

That publicist is good, working the name of Spade’s next film in amid paternity drama. David’s getting what he pays for.