Fergie ‘Rocks’ an Up-Do For ‘Fashion’

Staunch Democrat Fergie tortured her hair in NYC recently as she traveled to rehearsals for the “Fashion Rocks” concert which takes place tonight and will air on CBS on Sept. 9.

At one point, she was seen leaving her hotel looking like her stylist had been watching Blade Runner and Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow simultaneously. This wasn’t her first time getting whimsical with her appearance.

Her hair wasn’t having it.

The next day, Fergie was forced to let it down and keep it free of pins and product (and a brush).

Perhaps the hair drama is to compete with the other divas who are performing at the concert – namely Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake.

It’s going to take more than bizarre hair to outshine those three spotlight-hoggers, Fergalicious.

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