Jennifer Lopez: One Pregnancy Was Enough, Thanks

In the October issue of Elle magazine, future triathlete Jennifer Lopez states that “I don’t know if I’m going to have kids again.”

Having babies must have been difficult for Lopez. Pregnancy doesn’t care if you’re the world’s most demanding diva.

Jenn says that she knew right off the bat when she was pregnant with twins Max and Emme.

“I felt the weirdest little … flourish,” she recalls. “My makeup artist said, ‘What’s the matter?’ I didn’t say anything, but in my head, I was like, ‘I have life inside me!'”

Lopez says that, despite usually doing everything for husband Marc Anthony, she demanded some “me time”  from him while she was knocked up.

“‘This is the first time in my life where I’m just going to be a little bit selfish.”

Yes, J. Lo claims that her pregnancy was the first time in her life when she was a “little bit selfish” and that she spends her life waiting on her husband hand and foot.

And she claims that she doesn’t use nannies. Heh.