Nastia Liukin Is a Wheaties-Eatin’ ‘Gossip Girl’

Nastia Liukin, you really can’t have it both ways, you know. Well, okay, if you’re Katy Perry or Lindsay Lohan you can. But still…!

One minute Sour Puss, you’re skull-cracking publcist, is shooting down autograph-seeking tweens. But then you’re selling out to Wheaties, clearly in an appeal to get parents to buy their kids your celeb-endorsed mug-on-a-box.

Women’s Wear Daily also notes Liukin will make a cameo on the CW’s smash hit Gossip Girl.

But, look, Olympic hero or not, you can’t toy with people’s emotions, little lady.

Think of life as being a bit like Project Runway: One day you’re in—so you’d better treat fans decently while you are—and the next, you’re out.