Oprah Winfrey Doing ’30 Rock’ to Pay Mom’s Bills?

It appears Vernita Lee, the mother of magazine-fatigued Oprah Winfrey, is a clotheshorse. And she’s got the $150,000 bill to prove it.

The mother of America’s spiritual guru reportedly owes Brookfield, Wisconsin’s Valentina clothing boutique around  $150,000 on her caftan bill, according to TMZ.

And the store is taking her to court after she allegedly defaulted on her agreed-upon payments of $2,000 a month.

One would think that Oprah, being a billionaire, would be able to pay off Mom’s debt instantly.

But perhaps her money is tied up in other ventures this month, since she’s been forced to take a second job to bail Vernita out of debt.

E! reports that Oprah is in final talks to appear as herself on the second episode of 30 Rock this season, acting opposite Tina Fey and sparking a feud between Jane Krakowski and Tracy Morgan’s characters.

Now that’s a devoted daughter.