Shannen Doherty Does Coke

Shannen Doherty, fresh from her triumphant return to the 90210 zip code (despite the police not watching it), was photographed in NYC recently enjoying an icy cold Coca-Cola.

In fact, Shannen is displaying her sweet treat so prominently that you have to wonder: Is the Coca-Cola company cashing in on the 90210 remake hype by persuading “Brenda Walsh” to innocently pose with their product for the paps?

Celebrities can earn large dollars for getting photographed using a company’s products.

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was carrying around Ariva nicotine gum all the time? And making sure the brand name showed in all of her paparazzi photos?

Or the world could just be populated by celebrity conspiracy theorists here, and Shannen was just thirsty.