Balthazar Getty and Matthew Rhys: Not So 'Brothers'-ly

Balthazar Getty and Matthew Rhys: Not So 'Brothers'-ly-photo

Brothers and Sisters co-stars Matthew Rhys and Balthazar Getty were also friends. That is, until Balthazar began dating Rhys' ex Sienna Miller. Then things weren't so peachy.

E! is reporting that Rhys is furious with Getty for taking up with the fast n' loose actress. And the two are no longer speaking.

Balthazar went AWOL over the summer, and the Brothers honchos thought Rhys would be the best person to locate the home-wrecking duo.

Rhys apparently didn't know that Getty had been seeing his old fling until producers clued him in. Ouch.

So exactly how many lives must Sienna Miller ruin before someone stops her?



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  • ilovebrosis

    i hate sienna, such a... can't wait for brothers & sisters to come back. i miss my matthew.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Damn you, Sienna Miller, foul temptress!

  • allanthekind

    Bros should never let hos come between them. I mean, surely Sienna has enough energy to take care of both these thespians. If not, there must be a friend she can bring around to help out. On a side note, Sienna Miller looks just like a girl I broke up with because I couldn't get rid of the fantasy of doing my ironing on her chest.

  • buzzgent

    Don't you wanna just take an iron and flatten that perpetual crease between Balthy's brow?