Jessica Simpson Wants to Make Babies

Last chance, Tony Romo. If there are any lingering relationship doubts in your mind, best be gettin’ while you can!

In a FOX News interview with Romo’s babe Jessica Simpson, the fledgling country singer admits, “I would love to be making records and making babies and hopefully I’m married in 10 years. I have the dreams of every normal person. I want to be a great aunt.”

Well, 10 years is a long way away, so Tony can breathe easy for now. Jessica also yapped about “Remember That,” her new song about an abusive relationship (which FOX notes she didn’t write).

“I thought it was important to tell women to take their heart and run as fast as they can if they’re in that situation, because you’re better than that.”

Yes, apparently so important that Jess can’t remember the words to the tune.