Katy Perry to Channel Madonna at VMAs

Will Katy Perry’s performance be the cherry on top of this Sunday’s Video Music Awards?

This year’s VMAs host Russell Brand tells Us Weekly that the lez-friendly singer and shame of her parents’ existence will sing the Madonna classic “Like a Virgin” at the ceremony.

Huh; first Katy Perry goes on and on about how she wants to kiss a girl, just like Madonna did at the Video Music Awards a few years back.

Now, she’s going on that same awards show and performing one of Madonna’s best-known songs.

What’s next, Katy? Are you gonna start walking around in public in your bathrobe, boffing major-league ball-players, and lifting weights until you’re strong enough to juggle school buses?

If Perry is trying to become just like Madonna, she should really be careful what she wishes for.

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