Lindsay Lohan Passes on ‘Playboy’

Lindsay Lohan has at least one thing in common with Rihanna—besides a questionable romantic life, of course. As it turns out, neither of them will be stripping down for Playboy magazine.

The New York Post says that LiLo has rebuffed a $700,000 offer to pose for an eight-page spread in the venerable skin mag’s 55th-anniversary issue in January.

The busy-fingered blogger’s rep told Playboy creative consultant Hal Lifson, “If there’s nudity, then the answer’s no.”

Lifson had envisioned a pictorial tribute to ’60s cinematic sex pot Ann-Margret.

What gives, Linds? Even your kid sister Ali has been cozying up to the porn crowd lately.

Then again, with Lohan walking around in public like this, is a Playboy spread really necessary?

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