Morning Frills #45: 'Anna Faris Is Serious Hot' Edition

Morning Frills #45: 'Anna Faris Is Serious Hot' Edition-photo

Comedy is usually not a glamorous profession, but that doesn't mean a comedian can't embody the qualities of grace, beauty and sexual allure.

Well, Seth Rogan can't embody those qualities.

But Anna Faris, the funny face from The House Bunny, has a whole string of photographic evidence to show she's as hot as she is hilarious.



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  • dave

    i think she is maggot i cant stand her she looks worse now than ever,just one big attention seeker, i felt sorry for pete for what he had to put up with, miss plastic face

  • Poser! X
    Poser! X

    I think yoiu are really pretty and lucky I would love to get where you are now! You are really famous every1 knows you!!! I really want to be a model just like you!!! I feel sorry 4 you when people are horrid to you dont listen 2 know1 except for your really close family's and friend's!!! Mum and me love you you are amazing!!! X o X

  • Nia Mai
    Nia Mai

    i though katie price was a lovely person on the tv, and i have bought her books..... but when i saw her in london in january in harrods shopping, i am very dissapointed on the attitude me and my friends had from her when we asked her for a picture, and she ignored us and said "not today" wot a role model..... NOT REALLY. everyone of us there and then realised shez a fake and is only in it for the money. and oh yes.... she wasnt wearing a wedding ring on the day, reckon her and pete are on the rocks.

  • mommaof2

    I love her! And I love how she's doing the infamous "miley" pose. How scandelous.