Shannen Doherty Wants Brian Austin Green Real Bad

Tori Spelling may have been unceremoniously dissed and dismissed by the producers of 90210, but if Shannen “Brenda Walsh” Doherty has her way—and really, doesn’t she always?—Brian Austin Green may be rejoining the gang at the Peach Pit.

“I adore Brian,” Doherty recently told Us Weekly.

The only possible hang-up to a David Silver comeback? Doherty’s devotion to Green’s current show, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

“I want him back really badly, but at the same time I love watching that show, and I love watching him in it,” the actress and coke fiend adds.

Careful, Shannen; Brian’s relationship with Megan Fox isn’t all that stable lately. She might take all your gushing as a threat. The way she’s been bulking up for Transformers 2, she might even be a match for you.

Hmm; a Shannen Doherty-Megan Fox catfight? Someone get the CW brass on the phone…