Courtney Cox-Arquette Returns to Comedy

The world of prime time television has not been the same since Courtney Cox-Arquette, along with the rest of the cast of Friends, sadly said goodbye.  There has yet to be a sitcom character as hilariously obsessive and insane as Courtney’s Monica Geller.

Well Friends fans rejoice; Courtney will return to comedy when she guest-stars on three episodes of Scrubs as Sacred Heart’s new chief of medicine.  This whole guest-star thing is starting to seem like a common theme for former Friends stars.

Courtney’s probably ecstatic at the opportunity to work again; her life hasn’t been quite as interesting as the lives of certain friends of hers lately.

Maybe this will be Courtney’s chance to get back on the horse again. Or she could end up doing what all unemployed celebs do; did somebody say reality show?