Britney Spears’ Mom Made a Giant Intuitive Leap

Lynne Spears obviously has this inherent mother’s intuition. In her new book, she says that she knew her daughter Britney Spears was in trouble when she shaved her head in February of 2007.

It’s uncanny. Lynne should have her own psychic hotline!

“It was so shocking, so disturbing to see that girl with such despondency in her eyes—it broke my heart in a million pieces,” Lynne writes in Through The Storm—A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World about seeing Britney looking like a Manson Family member on her TV.

Lynne says that Britney didn’t speak to her for seven months, and even accused her of siding with her ex-husband Kevin Federline over custody of Britney and K-Fed’s kids and sleeping with him, reports The Sun

Lynne’s guess that her daughter was experiencing a nervous breakdown was proven true when Britney finally let her visit.

“Britney was so agitated she couldn’t stop moving. She cleaned the house, changed her clothes many times. We talked, but it was as if she wasn’t there.”

Luckily, those times are past and (as seen here) Britney looked happy and healthy at last night’s VMAs. But it’s good to know that Lynne’s X-Men-like enhanced senses are looking out for her.