‘Celebrity Apprentice’ to Joe Francis: “You’re Fired!”

Girls Gone Wild tycoon Joe Francis confirmed in an exclusive Celebuzz interview at the VMAs yesterday that he won’t be appearing on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice after all.

Now the New York Post reveals the reason behind the abrupt cast change.

The paper’s “Page Six” column reports that the bigwigs at NBC balked after sponsors objected to Francis’ participation.

Hmmm. Corporate America frowns upon throwing money at a show featuring a recently sprung jailbird who’s made a fortune filming drunk college girls publicly exposing themselves. Who would’ve thought?

Don’t despair, though; the Sultan of Spring Break and The Donald will still be collaborating.

“Donald Trump and I decided to do a different show,” Francis reveals. “I would have added a lot to Celebrity Apprentice, and I would have been excited to do it, but I’m more excited by this other idea.”

As log as it doesn’t involve Omarosa lifting her shirt and screaming, “Whoo-hooo!” while guys throw cheap beads at her, it should be a winner.

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