Daniel Radcliffe Makes Raves

Daniel Radcliffe’s performance in the first preview for his Broadway play Equus wowed them in the aisles on Friday night, according to People.

The shoelace-impaired Radcliffe plays a troubled teenager who blinds six horses, and a psychiatrist must find out why he committed the brutal crime.

Fans were able to appreciate Radcliffe laying his wand down and tackling something more adult-oriented.

As for his much talked-about full frontal scene?

“I’m not gonna lie. He looked pretty good,” a female audience member enthused.

Another didn’t notice due to Radcliffe’s stellar performance.

“By that point he was so in the character,” the female fan added. “You don’t think of it as Harry Potter naked. He’s naked as a character emotionally, so you’re not at all thinking that he’s physically naked.”

She must be a theater major.