Nicole Richie and Harlow 'Buck Up in New York

Nicole Richie and Harlow 'Buck Up in New York-photo

Reality TV-star/autobiographer/medical miracle Nicole Richie arrived in New York this weekend for Fashion Week, but the sweet stroll mama took a break from the activities to hit up a  Starbucks with daughter Harlow for some refreshing beverages.

Richie was dressed in her seemingly well-worn denim cutoffs. Harlow occupied herself with an empty cup from the coffee emporium.

Hopefully, the cup started out empty. Caffeine can stunt a child's growth, and Harlow might already be at a slight disadvantage on that count.



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  • offman

    Just a you think that poor baby every feels fat around her mother?

  • hispanicatthedisco

    What a cute kid. I bet Nicole can't wait to start giving her driving lessons.

  • offman

    I wanna squeeze those little cheeks!

  • lisatee

    harlow's so cute! she looks like a diva. ;)

  • noah

    damn so cute it makes me sick how did a cute baby lite this spawn from an anorexic and a pale whale? although, she does have her father's legs.

  • bawwow

    damn so cute it makes me sick