Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson: Having Twins?

Pete Wentz and a voluminous Ashlee Simpson are expecting twins, a friend of Wentz’s says.

Tyga, a hip-hop artist and buddy of Wentz (John Mayer’s totally jealous), told E! that the Wentz-Simpson’s are going to need to add two flat irons to their hair implement collection.

“They’re having twins,” Tyga said at the House of Hype’s pre-MTV VMAs barbecue. “They’re really happy.”

The rumor started earlier this summer when Pete referred to his future progeny as “them” during an Arizona radio interview. He later claimed he was just trying to vague up the pregnancy.

The couple are still denying the claim.

“It is not true,” a rep said, shooting down Tyga’s info.

Are they saying someone who calls himself “Tyga” isn’t to be trusted?