Selena Gomez: Nick Jonas Is Not My Muse

The Jonas Brothers’ choice for the win in the tween wars, Selena Gomez, says that her song “I’m Sorry” is not about her rumored boyfriend, Nick Jonas.

You can settle down now, Miley.

The song’s about a guy who can’t get over his ex.

“It’s definitely not about Nick Jonas,” Gomez tells People. “It’s about someone back home in Texas. I haven’t known the Jonas Brothers for that long.”

The song could just as well be about Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick. Selena seems to like him a heckuva lot.

(Sorry to tell her that he seems to be into someone else.)

“He’s so good. Why? Because I’m Chuck Bass! I love that line,” Selena says.

Upon learning he’s also in a band, she adds, “You just bumped up his hot meter!”

Nick Jonas who?

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