The VMAs for Busy People

If there is one common complaint about MTV’s annual Video Music Awards, it is that there is just too much goodness!

Somehow the entire 16-hour broadcast speeds by like a single episode of My Super Sweet 16. The hungry-for-more viewer is left with nothing but memories. And a wish that there was a way to relive all the highlights. But quickly.

Well, those wishes are granted. Here’s the whole show in a two-minute-and-twenty-second flashback.


That just leaves you hungry for more, doesn’t it?

Tricked you! How about some Tokio Hotel? Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag acting like divas? Panic at the Disco in unicorn mode? All Time Low’s Perez Hilton moment? A tad of baby Wentz talk?

That’s still not enough, right?

Watch this space for Celebuzz’s series of four exclusive red carpet interviews. You won’t be able to watch just one.