Winona, Christina and Nicole Get Clap-Happy

Winona, Christina and Nicole Get Clap-Happy-photo

Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci and Nicole Richie: Three of the very few women in the world who could watch a fashion show and think, Wow, those models could really stand to drop a few pounds.

The three slender show-biz luminaries took front row side-by-side at the DKNY show at Bryant Park in New York yesterday. The show was part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2009 festivities.

Though the three would seem to have little in common besides admirably trim figures, they clearly share an enthusiasm for fashion; the three of them sat in rapt attention for much of the show.

The only question is, does Winona have difficulty clapping with those sticky fingers of hers?



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  • offman

    Richie has no calves!!! hahaahahaahahahah! Loser!

  • theblowup

    Ricci is totally posing. She loves herself so much...and that super large forehead!


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