Anne Hathaway’s Ex Sings for a Reduced Sentence

The law has a long arm, as alleged Italian swindler Rafaello Follieri found out. But that’s not to say the arm can’t be twisted a bit here and there.

After having scammed California business magnate Ron Burkle, amongst others—including his own ex-girlfriend Anne Hathaway—in a real estate development scheme, Follieri was charged in June with conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering.

He’s currently being held in New York in lieu of a $21 million bail.

Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting Anne’s low-down, dirty ex is ready to cop a plea with feds, which could limit his upcoming sentencing to only four or five years in the slammer.

Geez, what legal experts could Follieri possibly have consulted with to get off with such a light wrist-slap?

Meantime, poor Anne has turned to drugs to further her career after being shamed by Rafaello’s antics. Well, sort of…