Leighton Meester Is a Catty Songbird

Do actual musicians make music anymore, or is it all just television and movie stars?

Throw scheming Gossip Girl temptress Leighton Meester onto the ever-growing stack forming upon the actress-turned-pop-singer train.

I’ve always done [music], just now I am actually doing an album that I plan to release,” says Blair Waldorf’s real-life alter ego to Access Hollywood.

Wonder if it’ll be called Jailhouse Rock?

“It’s so cool because it’s a completely different creative process. From beginning to end it’s yours and you make it… It’s sometimes hard when you’re acting to be like, ‘Oh I see the finished product right before my eyes.'”

Yeah, well, certain other things have happened right before your eyes, Leighton, but you seemed pretty content to not make it any of your business.

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