Lydia Hearst Visiting Jared Leto on 'Mars?'

Lydia Hearst Visiting Jared Leto on 'Mars?'-photo

Jared Leto has been spotted squiring celebutante Lydia Hearst around New York City, according to the site Guest of a Guest. He might have a thing for blondes.

The lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars has apparently been seeing Hearst between her New York Fashion Week commitments.

(Commitments = parties and cadging free samples off designers.)

Photographers caught them strolling together on Monday afternoon. It might not be that serious, though. Lydia was later sighted at a party at the Eldridge, sans emo guy.

It's Fashion Week. A girl needs to keep her options open.

And besides, Aubrey O'Day might get jealous.



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  • Cassidy

    I know a sexy blonde that Jared Leto would love to f*ck!! And she wants some fun with a hottie!!

  • nancyboy

    they SPLIT

  • offman

    Did someone say Aubrey O'Day? I wish that someone would burn her endless supply of eyeliner and then shove the ashes down her throat so she could no longer speak.

  • divamuffin

    bring back the jared i knew in my so called life...i don't like metrosexual leather-clad rocker leto