Madonna Bans Lourdes From the Spotlight

Does Madonna want to spare daughter Lourdes from the hazards of fame, or is there only room for one star on Team Madge?

The 50-year-old Madonna said no way to Lourdes when the 11-year-old was offered a role in upcoming flick The Secret Lives of Bees with Dakota Fanning and Jennifer Hudson.

“Madonna didn’t work ’til after high school, and she wants it to be the same way for Lourdes,” a source told Star. ” She doesn’t want her to enter that harsh world.”

That would be the harsh world of “acting,” not the other harsh world, where people Google her Mom and turn up results for her book Sex and Internet rumors about Mommy sleeping with baseball players.

According to Star’s source, Lourdes told her mom that she wants to act when she turns 14 in 2010; so there could be some teen angst ahead. Mini-diva Lourdes may not be so easy for Madonna to control; she already has her own fashion style and has even been spotted wearing some potential face jewelry.

Hey, give her a break. We’re all God’s children.

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