McConaughey’s Neighbors Have a Drinking Problem

As if Matthew McConaughey doesn’t have enough stress looking after newborn son Levi, now his neighbors in Malibu are hassling the Shirtless One about his drinking habits, according to Star magazine.

“Matt is rarely seen without a bottle or can of beer in his hand—he likes to unwind with friends,” says the mag’s source. “They surf and down beer after beer.”

Puzzlingly, this has led to tensions. “The kids who play on the beach think Matt’s cool because he’s in movies. [Their parents] don’t want their sons and daughters watching Matt get tipsy,” the source continues.

“Matt thinks they are overreacting. He says he’s a dad, too, and they should mind their own business.”

Maybe Matt’s neighbors should cut him some slack, if only for their own safety. His surf buddies can be a dangerous bunch, especially if they’ve been drinking.

Besides, it’s probably better if McConaughey does his drinking close to home. He seems to get into trouble when he takes his boozing abroad.

But if Matt and his neighbors can’t solve the problem among themselves, maybe the Failure to Launch actor should make an appeal to the town’s self-proclaimed owner. He seems pretty sympathetic to issues involving alcohol.