Morning Frills #47: “Funny Meets Bunny” Edition

Little known fact: The Girls Next Door don’t just dress provocatively when charity’s involved.

Sometimes Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson get racy just for the fun of it.

Such as at The Great American Fantasy party, hosted by the satirical folks of National Lampoon at the Playboy mansion on Saturday.

Held to honor the kickoff of the 2008 Great American Run road-rally race, the soiree was a feast for the senses, satisfying the ears with a live concert by Ludacris and pleasing the eyes with various other things.

It’s nice to see that, even with the Girls Next Door alliance seemingly near imminent collapse, the ladies can still band together to show the public a good time. See, people, that’s called professionalism. And classiness.

In the spirit of that very unity, hop on over to the gallery on the right and enjoy the show.