Paris Hilton Wants to Do It with Britney

The bad news is, Paris Hilton has a new record coming out.

The slightly better news is, she’s hoping to get rebounding pop princess and former running buddy Britney Spears to sing on it.

“My new album’s out soon and it would be hot if I could do a duet with Britney,” says the abstinence advocate and fitness enthusiast, according to Showbiz Spy. “It is really poppy and sounds a bit like Kylie Minogue.”

Wow, as if Minogue hasn’t had enough problems lately. Now Paris Hilton is comparing her own music to Kylie’s.

As for the duet, Britney should go for it. Paris’ hit single, “Stars Are Blind,” actually wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and Hilton isn’t nearly as objectionable as some of the people Brit’s collaborated with lately.