The Kate Moss Drug Curse

Does any young model’s mere association with Kate Moss guarantee that she will also develop a raging drug habit?

First Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who replaced Moss as the face of Burberry a few years ago, was caught on camera clutching a drug pipe in her undernourished mitt.

Now Alice Dellal, who became the face and body of lingerie line Agent Provacateur when Moss was ditched earlier this year, seems to have developed a taste for Peruvian marching powder.

The Daily Mail reports that Dellal, 20, was recently caught on film with ” a suspicious white powder, believed to be cocaine … laid out on the back of a DVD case with an Oyster card and a hollow tube.”

A source for the paper lamented, “It’s quite shocking for someone with such apparent talent to be photographed like this. It’s worrying.”

Dellal, the granddaughter of property tycoon Jack Dellal, is poised to inherit an estimated $1.4 billion when her 83-year-old grandpa kicks off.

Is Alice’s druggy pose a ploy to shock the old man to death and reach an early payday?

That kind of money buys a lot of coke. Hopefully Alice won’t, uh, blow it.