Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter: Freaky Family

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter: Freaky Family-photo

Looking less like a daddy and more like the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Tim Burton took his wife, actress Helena Bonham Carter, and their two children Billy Ray and Nell out for a stroll near their London home.

It must have been a rough morning for Helena, who hit the town in what looked like a fright wig and pants made seemingly from IKEA curtains.

Of course, there are always worse ways for a parent to dress.

Luckily the bizarrely-outfitted couple got their acts together enough to prepare the children for a rainy London day. Still, they should try to remember to leave the costumes to the to the kiddies.



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  • Lyndsey Martinez
    Lyndsey Martinez

    they make a good couple! who ever thinks otherwise needs to stop critisizing them and get a damn life!!!

  • sd

    Awesome as always. GO! Tim, Helena & kids!

  • Mariana Soffientini
    Mariana Soffientini

    gahhhhhhhh stop talking bullsh*t! The rocks, they just dont fake a personality likeall Hollywood couples do!!

  • ialwayslovett

    These are real people, NOT DOLLS! Get over yourself, they rock!

  • Jamie

    Get a life and stop critisizing them! They look great! They have their own individual style! Just because you think they should be made to look plastic like the rest of Hollywood doesn't mean that they should! Leave them alone!

  • HelenaFangirl

    You need to f*ck off. Seriously, they are awesome, crazy, eccentric and downright individual. They don't need you close-minded f*ckwits comenting on their outfits. They look amazing as always!

  • noah

    i heard they give their kids puppy-dog-blood juice boxes for lunch. and by "heard," i really mean "just made up."

  • offman

    Those are not their costumes!!!! Those are their real clothes. Stop making fun of them! They don't care about looking glamorous. they just want to be left alone!!!