VMA 2008: Cute Looks vs. Huh? Looks

Over the years, the VMAs have been a safe haven for the riskiest of outfits, inspiring celebs to show off their fashion wild sides and emerge from their limos in get-ups that can shock, horrify, or bring about the birth of entirely new trends.

The 2008 Video Music Awards kept that tradition going.

T-Pain was on a level all his own with his circus-like outfit and bling-blingity grills, while Pink reinforced her “I like to deviate from the norm” image with a jailbird inspired gown.

Some stars chose to leave their signature looks at home: Michael Phelps donned something other than his eight gold medals and Brit-Brit finally decided to give her messy bun a rest.

See what the VMA attendees were wearing in the gallery of 24 hits and misses.

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