Brad Pitt: I Love My…Fedoras

These days, Brad Pitt can rarely be spotted without a tot or two in tow.  Once notorious for his dashing good looks, the Hollywood veteran has made doting dad his primary image.

His kids may be his cutest accessory lately, but the star has another favorite that comes in at a close second: his fedora.

Whether strolling a red carpet, jet-setting across the globe, or horsing around with his kids; Brad’s head his almost never seen bare. With the frequency that Brad rocks the hat, it’s gotta stir up some speculation that the infamous Hollywood hunk might be in need of a little Rogaine.

Brad’s ever-expanding collection of fedoras is growing almost as quickly as his family; in fact, he might even end up with more kids than hats.

Scroll through the gallery to see the variety of ways Brad rocks a lid.