Lynne Spears Is a Self-Apologist

Lynne Spears might not be above dishing intimate dirt on her daughter Britney in her new autobiography, but the authoress seems willing to cut herself a huge amount of slack.

In her recently-published mommy memoir Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, Ma Spears defends her choice to let her daughters dive into show-biz at such early ages. 

“Was I the perfect mom? No,” Lynne writes. “Every mother makes mistakes, and I’m no different.”

Ma Spears continues, “I think you have to let them follow their dreams. I think it would be worse in the end if you didn’t.”

Sure; kids should be allowed to do whatever they want pretty much directly out of the womb, no matter what the potential pitfalls. Children are pretty much self-sufficient, right? Many of them have been known to start their own successful businesses before the age of three.

And getting pregnant at 16 by a guy who cheated on you during your pregnancy is part of the dream, too, right Lynne?

Going nuts, shaving your head, attempting suicide and losing custody of your children? What little girl doesn’t aspire to that kind of action from the day she first learns to crawl?

Someone in the Spears clan is dreaming, but it’s not the kids.