Nicole Eggert and DJ Lethal: Up in Smoke

What’s going on with the former castmates of Baywatch?

How could these onetime buff and curvy bods have fallen upon such un-sexy times? (Or yuck-sexy, in certain cases.)

Nicole Eggert, who portrayed “Summer Quinn” in the syndicated ’90s hit, has sued her ex DJ Lethal (real name: Leor Dimant) for burning her with cigarettes and other brutality.

Lethal is a former member of “Jump Around” rap act House of Pain, as well as Limp Bizkit.

“Nicole testified she and Lethal had a knock-down drag-out before leaving for Mexico last year,” reports TMZ. “Undaunted, they still went south to Cancun, where Nicole claims Lethal burned her with cancer sticks after accusing her of flirting with another dude. Nicole also claims Lethal later threw a drum machine at her.”

The site notes that the alleged abuse that occurred in Mexico cannot be tried in the United States, so the case here is about the fight prior to the trip.

Lethal had better watch out, though. If he gets off, the last thing he’ll want to run into is this.