Sienna Miller Popped by Paps

Sienna Miller Popped by Paps-photo

Smile for the camera, Sienna Miller!

Oh, you'd rather hide your face in shame instead? Okay, well, suit yourself...

The G.I. Joe actress/famously-topless paramour of Balthazar Getty was en route to the gym in Beverly Hills yesterday when she was descended on by a pack of paparazzi.

Perhaps eager to start her workout, Sienna engaged in a bizarre calisthenics routine in an effort to shield her face. And one! And two!

At least this time the publicity-sensitive celebrity managed to not break down in tears. But she no doubt wished that there was a helicopter around to make a quick getaway in.



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  • buzzgent

    She was confused, you jerks!! She's not used to being in that position without barbed wire wrapped around her wrists and her lucite heels stuck in the ceiling tiles.

  • starjonesing

    She was so entranced by her reflection in the elevator wall she just kept moving in for a closer look.

  • offman

    Whatever, she's just assuming the position...