Things Get ‘Ugly’ in Central Park

America Ferrara, Vanessa Williams and the rest of the Ugly Betty crew got some sunlight and fresh air yesterday, as the sitcom’s production hit Central Park in New York for a day of filming.

Joining the show’s regular cast were two of the show’s guest stars this season: Lindsay Lohan, who’s portraying Betty’s high-school tormentor, and Victoria’s Secret model/first-rate forker Adriana Lima, who’s playing herself and looking damn good doing it.

Ferrara, meanwhile, was looking highly fashionable, as she always does.

No word on what this particular episode is about, but it will probably involve Betty frantically trying to hold the office together and impose order on her boss’s hectic schedule, while Wilhelmina secretly plots to grab more power and sabotage the workplace.

And Betty will probably have some kind of romantic crisis.

Because they haven’t tackled that particular subject matter yet, and it’s high time that they did.