Usher and Tameka Raymond Readying Baby #2

Looks like Usher, 29, hasn’t fired his hulking cougar wife Tameka Raymond, 37, just yet.

“Tameka is pregnant with their second child!” squeals an In Touch snitch. “She’s due in December.”

Geez, these two don’t waste any time. The Raymonds already have a 10-month-old son named Usher V.

So does this put to rest all the “trashy” rumors Usher complained about on TRL in May, regarding the babymaking couple’s impending demise?  

“She’s been at all of his recent concerts; they’re together,” reaffirms the source.

But just in case, don’t get too comfy, Tameka. High-profile husbands often give in to wicked seductresses. And some women are left high and dry when it comes time for junior to enter the world.