Anne Hathaway’s Bling Confiscated by Feds

Anne Hathaway’s unfortunate choice of companions is costing her more and more by the day.

First came word that her ex-boyfriend, swindler Raffaello Follieri, siphoned her bank account of $37,000 a month to fund his swank New York duplex.

Now, the New York Post reports, authorities seized 12 pieces of jewelry that Follieri gave to an unnamed “individual”—most likely Hathaway—and she’s probably not getting them back.

Court papers reveal that the feds confiscated rings, jewels, necklaces and other bling that Follieri bought with his ill-gotten gains.

In a plea agreement that Follieri signed earlier this week, he forfeited any right to the baubles.

No wonder Anne is so distrustful of men. Hopefully her new beau Josh Lucas will be less of a cad.