Guyliner Just Got a Lot Classier Thanks to Europe

Guyliner Just Got a Lot Classier Thanks to Europe-photo

Yves Saint Laurent just added one more tool to the make-up kit of metrosexual self-perfection.

The Touche Eclat for Men, similar to a lady's under-eye concealer, is ideal for the guy who already has guyliner and a medicine chest full of apricot face masks. It can also help rein in errant guyliner smudges; so Jared Leto, Pete Wentz and Russell Brand— this one is for you.

The Touche was launched at London's Selfridges department store on Thursday and modeled by Big Brother 9's Stuart Pilkington, who's known for gracing the telly with kohl-rimmed eyes.

Pilkington demonstrated how to apply the Touche, which apparently requires taking off one's shirt. The YSL under-eye douche is fragrance-free because, you know, fragrance is so for girls



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  • offman

    If you had to choose, would you rather: A) Jump rope with a fashionable leather studded-jump rope while watching him get his balls waxed by a burly woman named Ratipzuna. Afterwards you would be in charge of rubbing the cooling cream on them. or B) Wear guy-liner and a deep red shade of Revlon lipstick for the rest of your life - and yes, you must reapply throughout the day. Even when you have to accompany your sweet old grandma to the country club.

  • laurenhon22

    I think that Stu did really well at Selridges yesterday, he should be very proud of himself! He also looked more amazing than ever! WELL DONE STU! X