Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx Go Bargain Shopping

Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx Go Bargain Shopping-photo

Kat Von D and Nikki Sixx hit up the Melrose Trading Post in Hollywood this weekend looking for bargains.

The LA Ink star and Mötley Crüe musician clearly both have an affinity for cheap things other than each other. Tattoo-ed beauty Kat is a big fan of the flea market, where vendors sell their old belongings to customers going by that old adage, "one man's trash is another man's treasure."

That explains Kat's attraction to Nikki Sixx in a nutshell. If she's looking to join forces with another inked-up man, John Mayer is available.



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  • Cess Poole
    Cess Poole

    Uh, it's been over a year.....so when's this loser's "camp" going to start speaking up about "Nikki's" supposed abuse?

  • Steege

    Funny how people who have nothing intelligent to say are the first to self- righteously cast judgement on people they do not know. I know "Nikki", and the skeezer he's now with is simply his next victim. As is everyone else in his pitiful life. He knows me as someone who is "snowed" and believes his bs. Well, his camp is about to talk. Anyone who believes his bs is the unintelligent one.

  • Debbie

    wow rude much? Or are you just jealous because you can't afford to go anywhere you wish to shop, whilst these two millionaires happily go to a flea market to buy other peoples things on the cheap? If you said such rude things in attempt to get at them, I can tell you they are so in love and don't care what anyone else thinks. If you did it to show how unintelligent you are, mission accomplished.