Ricky Gervais Is No Slave to Fashion

Even with New York Fashion Week in full swing, Ricky Gervais can’t be bothered with high-priced threads. Unlike his British cohorts Victoria Beckham, Elton John, Clive Owen and Katie Price, Gervais is no fashion maven and doesn’t seem to care.

Gervais, the brainchild behind the BBC’s The Office, is currently promoting his new film, Ghost Town, starring Téa Leoni (wife of sex addict David Duchovny) and Greg Kinnear. The actor—who purchased a home in New York in late August—plays a dentist who lacks basic people skills. After being dead for seven minutes, he awakens with the ablity to communicate with dead people who annoy him.

Either Gervais just got out of bed, is on his way to the gym or is just to cool to be bothered about his image. Probably the latter, and as long as he keeps the rest of the world in stitches, why should anyone else worry about it?