Sarah McLachlan Sings the Break-up Blues

After a hard break-up, most gals eat a pint of ice cream or drink themselves numb. Sarah McLachlan puts her heartache into song.

McLachlan’s not “Building a Mystery” about her separation from her husband of 11 years, Ashwin Sood, who plays drums in her band. Closer: The Best of Sarah McLachlan, comes out October 7 and has two personal songs about the split, “U Want Me 2″ and “Don’t Give Up On Us.” (The video for “U Want Me 2″ premiered Wednesday on

“I’m separating from my husband, so these are the songs about that,” McLachlan tells Billboard. “I wasn’t planning on saying anything, but it’s gonna come out at some point. I haven’t said anything about it because I’ve been terrified to, but I figure … there’s no good time to say it, so I just said it.”

For her next single, maybe Sarah could do a cover of “Breaking Up Is Hard to Do” as a duet with John Mayer.