Tara Reid: Engaged and Overage

At age 32, it may be unfair to call American Pie actress Tara Reid an old maid

But Tara does usually look like a woman who has slipped beyond the stage in life where an eligible bachelor would want to marry her.

Until well-oiled Frenchman Julien Jarmoune came along.

Jarmoune, a fashion executive at the J & Company clothing corporation, met Tara when she was “researching” her Mantra clothing line.  According to the National Enquirer, the two “quickly fell for each other.”

Honestly, is there any other way Tara falls?

Ms. Reid has been romantically connected to David Schwimmer, Tommy Lee and a presumed parade of anonymous skeeves who would make those two look like Matt Damon and the Dali Lama.

A summer wedding is being discussed.

Tara, honey, strike fast. This guy looks like he’s pre-lubed. Don’t let him slip away.


Spoilsports at Us magazine have been quick to point out that a rep for Reid denies any wedding is in the works. “It’s just a rumor, not true,” insists the spokesman.

Us reminds Tara watchers that Reid has also been linked to Tom Brady (who subsequently traded up) and JC Chasez, and that in 2001 she was engaged to marry MTV’s Carson Daly.