VIDEO: Kanye West on Private Jet After Airport Attack!

Kanye West’s legendary temper landed the rapper in handcuffs at Los Angeles International Airport this morning. The star allegedly confronted a paparazzo and threw his camera to the ground.

According to TMZ, a still photographer was attempting to take pictures of West in the American Airlines terminal, when Kanye allegedly threw his camera to the ground.

When one of TMZ’s cameramen began taping the incident, West’s assistant allegedly grabbed that lensman’s camera and threw it to the ground. Check out the video.

kanye fights

Kanye then realized that his scuffle had been recorded, and reportedly screamed, “Gimme that f**cking tape!

Both West and his assistant were detained and will probably be booked. Speculation has them being charged with felony vandalism.


Believe it or not, Kanye West has made bail. The multimillionaire performer was spotted by TMZ hiding under a hoody as he left the Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific Division on Thursday afternoon.

Though his incarceration delayed West’s travel plans, Hollywood.TV documented the singer boarding and departing by private plane after his arrest.

kanye flies