Balthazar Getty’s Wife Realizes Divorce = Less Cash

Balthazar Getty’s wife Rosetta Millington is not backing down without a fight

The two-timing Brothers and Sisters actor famously left Millington for an on-going tryst with celebrity man-snatcher Sienna Miller.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Rosetta feels that filing for divorce wouldn’t allow her a claim on Getty’s future earnings, especially his billion dollar inheritance from his family’s oil fortune.

Millington reportedly told him that he will have to file for divorce himself.

That’s not the only storm cloud on Balthazar’s horizon. Word is that Brothers and Sisters producers are thinking about putting his character “on the back burner” in the coming season due to all the hubbub over his extra-marital activies.

One of is co-stars, Matthew Rhys, is Sienna’s ex, and isn’t evening speaking to him.

Balthy might want to take note of the fact that paparazzi pin-up girl Sienna Miller isn’t exactly a lucky charm.