Brooke Hogan and Her Dad's Girlfriend: Twins?

Brooke Hogan and Her Dad's Girlfriend: Twins?-photo

Hulk Hogan certainly has a type. Buff, tan, bleached blonde, related to him...

The Hogan Knows Best star gets non-creep points for keeping his hands off his daughter Brooke Hogan's tush as of late, but he loses his credit pretty quickly for dating a woman, Jennifer McDaniel, who looks exactly like his big-breasted offspring. 

The two ladies spent 9/11 lunching, gymming, sunning and looking like the Barbie Twins on steroids. Try to tell them apart

Wonder if Brooke has dicussed her political discourse with dad's new gal yet?



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  • touchit

    Hulk Hogan is sketchy? So what's changed?

  • starjonesing

    I seriously can't tell the difference.

  • buzzgent

    Which of these broads is which, and why are there stains on the one's sweatpants. Never mind, don't answer that.