Jennifer Lopez Bows Out of ‘Project Runway’

Jennifer Lopez will be a no-show for Project Runway’s season finale.

Us reports that J.Lo was supposed to serve on the judging panel but dropped out due to a “foot injury.” What kind of foot injury prevents someone from judging a fashion show?

Surely the actress/dancer/triathlon aspirant can work through the pain of wise-cracking about hemlines from a fully-reclined position with the Runway gang of Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum and Michael Kors

Tearing further holes in her moth-eaten excuse, the J-Diva’s been seen all over Fashion Week, sans foot problems.

If the former Fly Girl was craftier, she would have come up with a better excuse like “exhaustion” from running after her newborn twins with husband Marc Anthony. Then again, the foot injury could be real; she has been kicking a lot of nannies out the door lately.

Luckily, Tim Gunn will step in for Jennie on the judging panel. Tim will make it work, people, even if he sometimes makes it hurt.