Jessica Simpson Switched Her Number to Avoid an Ex

After recently spilling embarrassing secrets galore (the girl loves to poot!) to her audience at an Ontario concert, Jessica Simpson has become more press-savvy.

On Thursday’s The View, Barbara Walters asked Jess if she was moving in with Olive Garden-loving BF Tony Romo, and Ashlee’s sis issued a firm, “No comment.”

But Babs did get Jessica to open up about her strategy for staying out of touch with exes.

According to Us Weekly, the reporter asked Jessica to respond “true” or “false” to whether she had ever changed her cell phone number and email address so ex-boyfriends can’t contact her.

Jess replied, “True.”

So who was it that made Jessica hunker down and learn a new set of digits? John Mayer? Adam Levine? Jude Law? Or could it even be ex-hubby Nick Lachey?

What a pain to get a new number. Luckily, Jess is gifted when it comes to technology. Webcam technology, especially.